Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Formula, Dogs & Dad

So, my first day home alone (Monday) with the babe did not go all that well. I'm not complaining - I'm just telling it like it is. First, he had to get blood drawn for some tests and that DID NOT make him happy. In fact, it made him pretty mad. I felt terrible. We've also been switching his formula over and I think that was causing some problems because he just could not get comfortable at all Monday (I think the cough adds to that). I decided to switch to Nestle's brand b/c the formula he was on in Ethiopia (NAN 1) is made by Nestle. So far, so good - he slept much better the last two nights and is taking longer naps during the day.

The dogs are home and they have been very good with Micah. Two of them don't really pay much attention to him, but when they do, they are very gentle. The other one feels it is her duty to protect him and will not let him out of her sight without protesting. She wants to follow us everywhere. But, she is also very gentle with him when she is on her protection duty. Very cute. And, Micah is such a deep sleeper that he hasn't really woken up when they bark (I should watch what I say here just in case it changes!) so we're all pretty happy about that. The dogs also haven't been barking as much inside, which is great. Everyone is working together! :)

Also, Jenni & Jim are in Ethiopia right now with their new boy, Mamush. We met him while we were there and we're so excited for their family right now!

Here is Kevin with his biggest fan (I think the feeling is mutual :)


  1. I'm glad that the new formula seems to be helping.

    Micah is just gorgeous! Congratulations!

  2. Love the pictures! I think your doing GREAT Stacie! All of us moms have rough days and this is your first wee babe. :) Baby Micah looks super happy, I'm glad the formula change is working out.