Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Our Little Cutie

Okay - I only have a limited amount of time, but I wanted to jump on and share some pics. First, this is Micah sleeping at the House of Hope - he sleeps with his eyes open! It took a bit to get used to, but now I think it's cute :)

Here he is in his Bumbo - notice the excessive amount of drool - he is constantly eating his hands and drooling! He is definitely teething!

Here he is in his glider - he had some surprises waiting for him when he got home from his grandparents. Our friends also decorated the house - all the kids made posters to welcome baby Micah - one had a map of the US and a map of Africa with a plane in the middle with 3 stick figures- very cute!

We're starting to feel better - getting a schedule going. He still wakes up about 3 times a night and, this is so sad - last night he had a nightmare! Kevin woke up with him that time, but he wasn't awake- he was asleep and just crying. Poor little guy! He is pretty happy - he smiles a lot, but his teeth are bothering him, and he has a cough. He also doesn't like to be put down too often - he likes to be held, and held standing up, so I don't get to sit down too much. I've been taking him for walks in the morning and he loves that - he falls asleep towards the end and then I'm able to lie him down for morning nap. (I usually try to rush through a shower at that point and try to get more laundry done - we had lots from the trip!!)

Today we are off to the doctor - I'm excited to see how much he weighs and get some advice on the feeding and sleeping. :) Kevin has been wonderful - he is such a big help and Micah adores him. I'm going to miss him next week when he goes back to work!!

I thought I had a picture of the three of us, but it must be on Sharon's camera (our CHI Ethiopia program director). She is still in Addis so I will get it from her later. I'll try to remember to take one soon to share. :)


  1. Great pictures!!! Talk about a life changing event!

  2. Oh Stacie thanks so much for sharing even though your exhausted and adjusting. Micah is just beautiful! I'm so glad you all are home. Get some rest and can't wait to hear more. :)

  3. That is great. Expect him to feed like a newborn for a few months. Our little guy did. He didn't stop nighttime feeding until he was nearly 10 months (we brought him home at 4 1/2months).

    He looks great. He is so cute.

  4. Cute pics! I'm surprised we are hearing from you. I figured you'd still be catching up on sleep.Can't wait to hear everything.
    Shawn & Lisa

  5. He is so cute. Glad you made it home safe!! I finally started a blog... I hope that I will be able to share pictures of my new baby too (if I ever get that referral:-)
    Good luck at the doctor.

    jocelyn in Tulsa

  6. What great pictures! You are such a good mama. I hope that little Mich has his first teeth soon!

    Congratulations on your homecoming!


  7. We're teething over here too... He's already gotten 2 new teeth since he's been home!! Yikes!! Hope you guys are doing well! We can't wait to meet him!!!

  8. hi I am joy's daughter, Micah is so cute!!!!