Friday, August 3, 2007


First, I just had to share this - my mom came over yesterday and gave me this pendant. It was my Grandma's and it is two hands praying - on the back it says "God Answers Prayers" I have been wearing ever since. I love it.

Here's the status right now- bags are packed and all are under 50 lbs! YAY!!! (I'm pretty proud of myself here. :) Dogs are moping because bags are packed. I'm feeling fairly calm and READY TO GO!!! I wish I had more time to write about how I'm feeling - all of the emotions. I will say this- I've been busy packing and focusing on that, then I'll pick up a baby sun-hat, or a onesie to fold, and suddenly it hits me - we are going to meet our baby, our son. Amazing. That's the only word that comes to mind.

Please say prayers for a safe journey for us and for all the other families traveling to meet their little ones. I feel so blessed to have you all following on our journey - I am really hoping we are able to post while we're there!

Here's a picture of us taken last night- just for fun. The next one we post should be of a family of three!!


  1. God bless and godspeed!

    I can't wait to see pictures of the three of you!

  2. you know, of course I'm all teary...with a dash of a gaspy happy bawlin moment, too!

    You both are glowing in that photo!! thanks for sharing!

    take it all in! (the excitement makes me think of a wedding day -- the best advice I was given - "slow your brain down and take it all in so ya don't miss it!!")

    Love to ya! SO HAPPY!!!
    Jenni & Jim

  3. Best wishes! You all are in our prayers as you travel!

  4. WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you guys!!