Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We are home from our fun (rain) filled vacation in sunny (rainy) Mexico. We had a great time, but we were both more than ready to come home. It's always good to get away, but it's even better to come home. Especially when you get to come home to this sweet face...

(This is Micah's favorite new facial expression. He does it all the time.)

The highlight of the trip for me was toolin' around the resort grounds on one of these...

Serious good times were had on the bicycle built for two. They also had single Townies and I loved it so much I want one now. No fancy-schmancy mountain bike for me - I want an old Townie with rust on it. Like this one...

How cool would I look ridin' around town on that thing? I know, super-cool.

But, I'm getting off-subject. Vacation. Perhaps I should be sharing lots of pictures of Kevin and I enjoying the beach and the pool, but since our (stupid) camera battery died after 1 day, we mainly have a bunch of boring shots of our room. Our room was awesome, but really, do you want to see those? I thought not.

So, instead I'll share pictures of Micah's sleepover at Habi's house. Habi's mom & dad volunteered to watch Mic for a night while we were gone. It looks like Micah had a great time - definitely a fun sleepover. (Thanks Mr. & Mrs. B - and Little One too!)

Cute boys in their PJs!


  1. Cute PJ's!!! I bet this is one of the few times when you've been excited to leave sunny (or rainy) Mexico to return home - how wonderfully sweet and beautiful a baby boy is!

  2. Hahaha-no offense, but I don't think Micah missed you much on that night! ;) He looks like he's having a blast.

    I'm sorry it rained while you were on vacation, but look at the beautiful boy you have to come home to!

  3. Love that bike! I would take that one over a mountain bike any day! Micah is super sweet in that first picture. Sorry it rained in Mexico. :(

  4. I'm seriously thinking of putting a picture of Micah on my fridge so I can come home to his face after long work days!!! He is too cute.

  5. Fun sleepover pictures... bummer about your camera battery dying. I love those bikes too... Though where I currently live it would do me no good to have a cute little bike like that. Maybe someday I will live in a cute little neighborhood with fun places to bike too... for now, not so much.

  6. That bike is wonderful. Glad you had fun on vacation.

  7. Did I already say that I like the new look of your blog? I thought I did but I can't remember for sure. Anyway, I like the new look of your blog. Hope you guys are doing well!