Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday Kevin!!

YAY! Kevin is FINALLY in his thirties!! I would think he would stop calling me old now, but he'll probably keep doing it. For his 30th birthday, I'm posting 30 things about my amazing husband... (he probably won't like this - but I'm okay with that :)

1. He is very goofy - he does silly dances and sings songs that usually contain the lyrics, "My name is Kevin..."

2. He can bake - really, really well.
3. He loves, LOVES to mow the grass and is a freak about making the lines straight.
4. He secretly wishes he were part of a baseball field's ground crew. He woul
d like to make straight lines in a ballfield's grass.
5. He can play drums.
6. He LOVES Ohio State football (and is a little sad about last week)
7. He would become a Michigan fan if Micah played football for Michigan.
8. He loves the beach.

9. For my 30th he took me to Hilton Head and we had to evacuate because of Hurricane Charlie. Here he is in the car while in hurricane evacuation traffic...

(I'm going to be in so much trouble for posting this. :)

10. When I met him, all the girls that he worked with called him "Dreamy."
11. When I met him, he was a chef - and did look pretty dreamy in his chef pants.

12. He was in band in high school (drums), but according to him, this was "cool." (Okay, whatever.)
13. Kevin is not a reader, but he reads to Micah every night. His fav is Pajama Time.
14. Kevin's birthday is the same day as Talk Like a Pirate day. Arrrrgh.
15. He loves dogs - even though he was seriously attacked by one when he was younger.
16. He once had West Nile Virus.
17. He is a clean freak. He would vacuum four times a day if it were socially acceptable.
18. Kevin loves snow - he could not wait to take Micah out to see snow for the first time.

19. He actually loves any kind of weather. He watches The Weather Channel on a regular basis.
20. Kevin hates goat cheese and lamb. He will eat anything else.
21. He is four years younger than me. When I met him he was only 21. He looked like this...

22. He makes a REALLY YUMMY butternut squash soup. Wanna see it?

23. He takes pictures of food.
24. He loves The Office.
25. He also loves documentaries and will watch one regardless of the subject matter.
26. He thinks it is weird that I keep reading vampire books. (It probably is.)
27. He was the one who decided it was time to start on the adoption of our baby girl. He told me he was ready to start on Father's Day.
28. He supports me in everything I do. I am a lucky woman to have such a wonderful husband.
29. He is the most amazing Dad. I know I'm biased, but his love for Micah is beautiful thing.
30. He's FINALLY 30!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Kevin. Hope you're not too mad at me for posting all of this, but this is "Kevin and Stacie's Adoption Journey" so deal with it. :)


  1. What a sweet post Stacie! Happy 30th Kevin!!!

  2. So sweet. Happy birthday Kevin.

  3. What a good little wife!...To post such fun things about her good little husband. I kind of think that the butternut squash soup is the lovliest thing I have ever seen. Pretty much.

    Welcome to the thirties :)

  5. Happy Birthday Kevin!

    I can't blame him for taking pictures of food...that soup is pretty much a work of art. Very tasty art, I'm guessing.

  6. Happy Birthday Kevin...I love that you are a clean freak!!

    Great post Stacie!!

  7. I enjoyed reading that, made me laugh too, so cute, and that soup. Yum

    Happy birthday to your honey.


  8. Love it!!!! Happy Birthday K Dixon! Miss our lunches together, you both must bring my favorite little one to chicago for a visit, hell! bring the dogs too :) Love you both!!!!

  9. Those are thirty great things! congrats to him on turning 30 (and on the next six years of being in the same decade!)

  10. Happy Birthday Kevin...that soup looks AWESOME

  11. YAY!!! Happy (belated) birthday to Kevin.

    And, I like your number 7. Though, I don't think my hubby would be an Ohio State fan (EVER), even if both our daughter and son attended, played sports there and then became professors.

    But, perhaps I'm wrong?! :)
    Loved the photos.

  12. Happy Birthday, Kevin!! 30??? Ahh, you're still just a baby!

  13. Happy Birthday! My husband must have went to the same high school---he was in the band and said it was "cool" there also! I've been following a little and am also adopting from Ethiopia...thanks for sharing your journey in this way!

  14. Happy Birthday Kevin! Your wife thinks you are just a great guy..I tend to believe her!

  15. Happy Belated Birthday Kevin!!! :)

    Great post Stacie!!

    Off topic but YEAH for re-adoption! Ruhama is going to be re-adopted the same day too! We're hoping for similar times so we can be at eachothers. :)