Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fo' Schneezie

This is going to be a hodgepodge of whatnots. And, I'm tired. That's my warning for you - proceed if you wish.

First, our second Playgroup with a Purpose meeting went very well last Saturday. We had 5 families come and we collected a lot of stuff. You can read about it here. I'm thinking of trying to get more exposure for it soon, so hopefully it will continue to grow. I know if you all lived here you would come. Wouldn't you? I thought so.

Second, can anyone tell me where to buy pants for a skinny, but tall child? I bought Micah a pair of 18-24 month jeans at the gap and they are humongous on him. A belt will not work. The problem is that he is 33 inches long, and most 18-24 month pants are for kids 31-33 inches, but also for 27+ pounds. Micah is a mere 21 lbs. And, the adjustable waistbands - I can't find them!! So, your input would be appreciated here or else Micah is going to walk around floodin' in his skinny jeans.

Third, I can't stop reading vampire books. And they're scary.

Fourth, we got two, yes TWO nice surprises in the mail today! One was from this family - they sent us an awesome Ohio State sweatshirt. (Remember - Kevin is a HUGE Buckeyes fan.) It was so thoughtful and such a great surprise! Go Bucks! :) A big THANK YOU goes out to Sam and his mom & dad!
The second nice surprise was from CIS - they have received all of our stuff for the i-600a and it looks like we won't have to do another set of fingerprints and we were allowed to do the free (FREE!) extension. So, we are now just waiting on the 171-H. Oh, well that and waiting for me to finish the dossier. I guess I should do that instead of blogging.

But, no, I shall continue to blog. :) Really, I'm just going to post some pictures of Micah's recent foray into the world of golf. I think he may have found his calling...

Look at that form!

Here he was lining up his putt.


Caption contest for this one - Micah's face is cracking me up.

Are you wondering about his cute new t-shirt? I love it - but I like things with dogs. Even more than that - things with dogs and headphones.
Dogs+headphones = cute

I told you all I was tired.

P.S. Melkam Addis Amet! We tried to get Ethiopian food for dinner tonight, but it seemed the Ethiopian restaurant was closed for the holiday. So, we had sushi. It's been a weird day. Anyway, Happy New Year. ;)


  1. I have the same problem with Ben's pants. He is about 37 inches tall and can wear size 24 month pants. I buy only adjustable waist jeans and 2T are okay, a little short. I adjust them as tight as they can go. Pre-sized sweats or windpants with an elastic waist are always too big. I do pretty well with jeans from Old Navy. Congrats on your adoption progress.

  2. It's been awhile since my girls were that size, but I have one daughter who is a toothpick and we always had success with adjustable waist pants from Children's Place and I think Target, too.

    Continued smooth sailing to baby #2!!

  3. I'm not much help but just wanted to say that we bought gap jeans for the girls a few weeks ago and they WERE adjustable in the waists. Maybe you could try peeking there again? I don't know what I would do if they weren't adjustable. We have the same skinny petite problem here. :)

  4. I found adjustable pants at Old Navy, The Children's Place and occasionally at Target. Usually they'll say on the tag that they're adjustable. Our problem is that our little guy is long waisted and short legged with no butt! We end up having to roll up all his pant legs.

  5. 'Fraid I don't have any baby clothes advice to help you with. Just thought I'd let you know that I am married to a very tall skinny man and we have the exact same problem now! Looking at old photos of J, I think he spent most of his childhood in shorts - I have no idea what they did in winter! What a shame boys can't wear tights!

  6. 1) That playgroup sounds awesome! Love the idea behind it!

    2)Try Target, Old Navy and JC Penney.I've always found loads of bottoms there with the adjustable waist. Lil' Bit was and is the same way. She's ten going on 21, but still fits into an 8 slim and thats with the adjustable waist thingies pulled all the way out. (you know, I think vanity sizing has worked its way down to the kids department)

    3)BWWAAAHHAA. Sorry. LOLZRPATZZ (I know, I am a total Twilight dork, but at least I'm not a twilight mom. Have you seen those women?)

    4)Yay for awesome surprises that come through our ever efficient postal system!

    5)So cute!

  7. My zach has always been the tall skinny in the family. we have had luck with Chldren's Place. they have slims and they have adjustments within the pants.

  8. Congrats on getting that fingerprint extension...that will help to move things along for you :)

    cute photos of Micah golfing--

  9. I have to chime in with everyone else--adjustable waist pants. Noah still fits (waist wise) into 18month pants but those are way short on him. Old Navy's sizes run the most accurate. I have noticed that babygap sizes run a little big.

    I cannot wait for the Twilight Movie. We'll have to go together. I hope to get to make it to on of Playdates w/ a Purpose. I have just been so busy on Saturday's lately. I don't have a free one until the end of November. UGH.

    Let's get together one of these days. Miss you....

  10. Aww I love the shirt it looks like my dog Ernie!

    Congrats on the I-600a thats exciting!!!

  11. I am a lurker but I love your blog and I finally have some info to share. My best friend has a boy who is super tall and skinny. I know Gymboree has adjustable waist bands & possibly even slims (which are a size larger in length which helps) but I think you have order them online. Also I found some slims for him at JC Penny’s of all places!! You might try that if you have one local. Hope this helps. Love your blog!

  12. i love the playgroup for a purpose idea! i might try that here!

  13. I feel your pain. I had a tall skinny boy and still do. I love Levi's jeans. They come in slims and have adjustable waists. At 18 months I actually found some at KMART. I know...Kmart. Who'd a thought it??

  14. Children's Place--They work for Supergirl if that tells you anything...

  15. Old Navy has the best adjustable bands. They have a huge 40% Off everything Baby sale right now. You should check it out. My skinny guy looks way cute in their will your cutie!

  16. I was going to email you and tell you Old Navy but I see that that seems to be the concensus. Old Navy are the worst for Mari goes she is so short and roly-poly. All their clothes are tailored long and skinny. BTW...I LOVE Old Navy socks!

    I also echo the K-Mart thing. They have a line called "Wonder Kids" that are super cute (lots of khakis/cargo paints). I was just cleaning out Mari's closet getting ready for fall and found a pair of those pants and they have an adjustable waistband! Guess we will be using the expanded range of waistband!

  17. I just ordered a ton of 12 month clothing for Ashton (20 pounds, 30.5 inches - tall and skinny!) on that all happened to be from Children's Place. $50 got us an entire wardrobe of cute sweats/pants that actually stay around his waist! Their windpants (12 mo) are a little long for Ash but sound like they'd fit perfectly on Micah. And you can't beat's sale prices and quick delivery. Good luck!

  18. I just finished Book 4 of the Twilight Series- I am SO ready for the next one and the movie!
    Nautica has adjustable waistbands- but they're pretty expensive- although I'm sure you could EBay them after Micah frows out of them!

  19. Gap jeans. Bout all there is that is skinny enough. Skyler is my main bean pole, Olivia is a close second. They start adjustable waists at 2T - I would buy those and wash and dry them if they are too long. Hope that helps.

  20. He is so cute. I love to see new pictures. He sure is skinny at 21lbs. Gabre is 18.5 at 11.5 months.
    Congrats on good I-171H news.