Sunday, June 8, 2008

Where to Start? *Edited

So much has been going on lately, it's hard to know where to start (and where to end without making this the longest blog post ever).

First news - Micah is ALMOST walking. If you'll reme
mber, loyal blog readers, he took a couple of steps on Mother's Day. Since then he hasn't done too much on the walking front, but this past week he has started to take more steps and has figured out how to get from a sit to a stand by himself. Watching him take those teetering steps is one of my favorite things ever. Here he is with his truck out for a stroll...

More news - Micah is off the bottle! I know, this is big, right? We decided to start weaning him from his beloved bot the week after we went on vacation. His last bottle was Monday morning and he hasn't had one since. I thought it would be WAY more difficult to get through this, but so far he's been okay. His bottles were tied to naps and bedtime, so I also worried he wouldn't sleep well without them, but he's handling it pretty well. (However, as I type he is currently refusing to go to sleep and is being very vocal about it. Of course!)

We also went swimming at a neighbor's pool this weekend and learned that Micah likes (loves) to jump in and go under. It is quite adorable...

We also learned that he LOVES the basketball...

And the trampoline...

And he had popcorn for the first time - which he shared very nicely with one of his BFFs Chuck...

It's been a pretty great week! I have even more pictures, but I'll share them soon. A special shout-out to Mitch who took about 300 pictures this weekend for us. He was the photographer this weekend and did a great job! Here is his self-portrait...

That's all for now - I have more, but I'll save it for later! (And, in case you're wondering - Micah did fall asleep while I was typing this - without the bottle it does take him a little longer, but he talks until he falls asleep. Cutie.)

*EDIT: Okay, I lied - Kevin has been uploading video tonight so I thought I'd add one in! Here is Micah trying to climb on his giraffe. Normally this is no problem for him, but this is just before bed and he is a bit tired and uncoordinated. :)


  1. Great Post Honey!!! Love the Pics.


  2. What a little man he is becoming. Can't wait to see him tomorrow.

  3. I just posted that Silas is done with the bottle too!!
    Silas and MIcah are true friends.

    The pictures of MIcah jumping in the water are so great...He is a brave little fish!

    Great update! You have been missed!!!

  4. Adorable! I especially love the trampoline pic!
    Kerri and Ruby

  5. Sounds like a great week....Hey maybe sometime in July we could get together? Our June is crazy, but july looks good.

    Micah is such a cutie

  6. hahaha! The trampoline photo is hilarious! I can't believe he loves going under water. That's awesome. Nate is 20 months old and can't stand it. It won't be long now and soon you'll be RUNNING after him! Thanks for your comment on our blog. It's great to re-connect with you.

  7. How adorable! I can't beleive he likes his head under water!! MY 4.5 year old won't even do it yet!

  8. he is so cute!! that giraffe video is to funny!

  9. He's wonderful entertainment for me,as always!He is so dang cute! I LOVE the trampoline pic!!

  10. Ted and I just watched that video and cracked up. Abe does a similar face with his pack-n-play crib. So cute.

  11. Micah - Gold Medal Contender in Swimming at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games