Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Still Getting Ready...

First - we've decided to change Yabsira's name a bit. We will be keeping Yabsira as his middle name and we have given him the first name of Micah after both of his grandpas - who have the middle name of Michael - we just changed it a bit. So, that's our little man - Micah Yabsira. :)

Next, his room is coming along - Kevin finished the green and then painted the white border through the center of the room. He is quite proud of his straight lines- as I type this he is trying to scroll down to see the pictures! The original plan was for me to free hand brown lines at the top & bottom of the border so it didn't look too perfect. I don't know if he's going to let me do that now. :) Next I have to figure out how to paint the dots and then get started on those - probably a weekend project.
Straight lines -

This picture shows the color better.

I also went furniture shopping last night with Grandma K and didn't find anything I liked - I was thinking I wanted white furniture, but now that I see that white border, I'm thinking furniture with a "coffee" or "espresso" finish (those names make me laugh). I was very tempted to buy something for the babe, but I didn't. I saw baby Converse, but how do I know what size to buy? I need some help on that one. Grandma K did buy this little onesie for him - it has lizards on it - my dad always calls me Lizzie and sometimes Lizard. (Our family is big into nicknames - poor Micah!)

Kevin also received this little outfit and bear from Heather & Leslie at work last Friday. That green will look so cute on him! And, that was very sweet of them- thanks Heather & Leslie!

This is a picture I had to share of a little bunny rattle that was passed along to us from our friends down the street. It used to be very cute... until one of the dogs got a hold of it. Now it has no eyes and its nose is about to fall off. We have a lot of work to do with the dogs on this...

Finally, we are thinking of our friends Jenni & Jim as they await their referral. Their dossier was the second to arrive in Ethiopia for CHI, so we are hoping they get some good news very soon! Our thoughts & prayers are with you guys!


  1. The room is lookin' great! Love the border/dots idea. I expect we are going to have issues with toys and dogs as well. poor bunny.

    Thanks so much for your good wishes and prayers (and dreams - tee hee!) Can't wait to see a pic of Micah Yabsira's friend-to-be (if they are not already aquainted!)

    Oh, and Kevin - our Doc didn't have any Tootsie pops -Zilcho-- totally NOT "wicked cool", eh? :)

  2. Hi guys,

    I swear I am not a stalker. I happened upon you through Jayme & Jon's blog and just wanted to say congratulations! I was at CHI in Oregon last Friday and they were just thrilled to announce their first referral. And here you are. What a small digital world we live in. :) He sounds absolutely adorable. Congratulations Mommy & Daddy!

    Carrie (who used CHI as a homestudy agency and loves them)

  3. The room is really looking so cute! I am impressed with the straight white line, and love the green walls! I agree that espresso furniture would be real cute in there...especially with that cute bedding you have!

  4. Love the name! It sounds great together. Also love the colors in the room. You could try sponge painting the dots...you just dip and press, and voila! Happy painting!

  5. Oh I love the room!! His name is SO cute! Love it!

    As a shopping connoisseur baby converse are a GREAT place to start. Even though he probably won't be wearing them anytime soon. ;)

    I think the espresso furniture will look stunning in that beautiful room. :)

  6. Congrats on your new referral! We are the Crow's from Texas. We are a CHI Vietnam program family and are waiting to travel. Can't wait to see Micah Yabsira's picture!