Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lia, Lia, Mak-a-bia

My dear friend Courtney told me that she feels like she hardly knows Lia.  This made me sad and it's all my fault.  I am giant #blogfail lately!  So, lets do a Get to Know Lia post, shall we?

First, her name.  Let's ignore the fact that I'm JUST NOW getting comfortable with Lia, and focus on her middle name.  Apparently Makbe is a very unusual name in Ethiopia. This is how it went in Ethiopia:

Ethiopian (in Addis): What is her name?
Us: Makbe
Them: You mean Mekdes?
Us: No.  Mek-a-bee
Them: *confused face*  or *"That lady doesn't even know her kid's name" face*

We got used to this conversation over the week we were there.  Apparently it means "Be complete," but I'm not even sure where CHI got that information.  We were also told that it is a bible name.  And, there's a little more to the story of why she was given this name, but that's part of her personal story, so I'll save that for Lia Makbe. 

The Makbe song.  My child is a fussbucket when it comes to changing clothes.  For the first three months she would giggle and coo while her diapers and outfits were changed, but now it tends to look more like Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania 3.  Need a visual?

Yeah, like that.  Anyway, I have a magic song that I like to use when things get a little out-of-control.  It's basically me singing her name (Makbe) over and over.  I know you all will be clamoring for video now, but give it up.  It's not happening.  But it is cute the way she instantly calms down and even smiles a little before going back to channeling Andre the Giant.

LIA IS LOOOOUUUUUUUD.  I'm talking blood-curdling screams on a constant basis kind of loud.  Kevin and I are starting to lose our hearing.  It's true.  And while she used to be super quiet in public and save the Scream Queen theatrics for home, that's all a-changing too.  Just this morning Lia and I went to have breakfast at the local coffee shop and halfway through she began her audition for the next "Jason versus Freddy versus the Predator versus Michael Meyers" movie.  (Did you know that they're making that movie?  It's true.  Okay, not really.)  So, our leisurely mornings over coffee and puffs have been put on hold.  Indefinitely. 


And?  Lia is a lot of fun.  She is super-nosy and loves to eat leaves.  She has the best belly-laugh ever.  She loves cheerios and crackers and yogurt, but turns her nose up at vegetables in any form.  (Little does she know that I hide them in the yogurt.)  She has been scooting around for months now and is finally starting to crawl on her knees.  (This is good news because her belly was constantly covered in dog hair and other such fun.)  She has said her first word - "Uh-Oh" (we don't count mama and dada).  She "barks" back at the dogs.  She adores her brother.  She likes to take knives out of the dishwasher.  (Don't worry - I've learned my lesson there.)  And, she's really, really cute. 

"Adoring" her brother. 

She is famous for this look...

...but also for this smile. 
So, there's some Lia for you.  I hope this helps.  (Courtney?  Yes?)  


  1. I love her look...LOL We know that one well too!

  2. I love this post so much. I was totally *cracking up* at the Andre the Giant reference, especially since I kept the video running as I read the whole post. Just the mental image of sweet cute Lia tearing up Hulk Hogan: it's too much. So funny.
    Her dimples are amazing, by the way.

  3. I can totally relate with the name thing- Ethiopians give me the blank stare all the time when we introduce her as Etagegnehu. Your girl is so sweet!

  4. Lia sounds so much fun! A truly spirited child, just like my Zozo. May I recommend the book, Raising Your Spirited Child? I have a feeling it's going to come in as handy for you as it has for me. We call Zoe our 3-in-1. So now it's like you have four kids. Congrats on having such a fire cracker for a daughter. It's exhausting but a total blast!

  5. SO so cute! Thanks for the update. We need to get together soon.

    BTW- The book of Maccabees is in Orthodox and Catholic Bibles, probably what they were referring to. The Maccabees were a group of Jewish rebels who lead a revolt. (look out, mom, haha) Hanukkah celebration comes from their victory.
    Here's some more info- and there is a line about the Ethiopian Orthodox Bible:)

  6. Beyond thrilled to read this. Laughed out loud at The Look. Decided we must take the kids to Belize because, damn- I need to squeeze Lia Makbe.