Friday, April 9, 2010

Giving Back

If I could pick one person as the cheerleader for our adoption... wait, not just our adoption, but SO many people's adoption, I would pick Erica Shubin. Erica BELIEVES in the miracle that is adoption and she has given her time, her support, her encouragement, and her faith to many of us as we struggle with the financial side of adding a family member through adoption. It's no easy feat, but having Erica on your side makes things easier. She'll be there if your plane tickets have to be changed at the last minute, or if your fundraising has to be kicked into high gear (like ours did), and she'll also just be there if you need to talk, or want ideas. Her heart is HUGE and she's a giver.

My point? Let's give back! Erica's family has decided to add another member through adoption - from Ethiopia! They started their fundraising this week with a FaceBook-A-Thon and have a goal of raising enough money to get their adoption process started. If you can, please donate just $5 to this amazing family. If you can't donate - help spread the word!

I truly believe that when you put good out into the world, it comes back to you. Let's make that happen for the Shubin family!!

You can donate here:

Thank you!!

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