Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wild Things...

Did you know that this classic book

is being made into a movie? It is! It is due out in October and I can't wait. Seriously, if you think it can't be done, watch the trailer and see for yourself...

See? And, the screenplay was written by Dave Eggers. I have what you might call a literary crush on Dave Eggers. Yep. It's true. Among his many amazing novels, I highly recommend this one...

And, since we're on the subject of books, I might pass along a recommendation from my friend (and Supermom) Jill...Shades of Black by Sandra Pinkney. Probably many of you already have this one, but I just got it for Micah because it is not a board book (Edit - it is actually available as a board book! Thanks Jenni :). We have only recently graduated from board books to books with actual pages. This book is so sweet and Micah loves it. Although, he does laugh at me (and I'm not joking) every time I read the words, "I am Black, I am unique." This book is being requested almost every night these days - so we definitely recommend it.

Oh, and speaking of books - I need one for our upcoming beach trip (!!!) so feel free to leave recommendations for that! (Remember that I will be on said beach trip WITH Micah so keep that in mind while you are thinking of your recommendations.)

And, as always, just for fun....

(PS - That guy's big ARM in the picture? He would not get out of my way so I could take this picture. He was waiting with his camera poised and WOULD NOT MOVE. My point? Don't do this while you are waiting at the bottom of the slide - moveout the way! until your child comes down the slide. Okay, rant over. Thanks.)


  1. LOL!! Shoulda just shoved him over!! Dang paparrazzi!!!

  2. Fun!! My girls love that book. I can't believe they are making a movie out of it. Can't wait to see it!

  3. Micah is so darn adorable! We have that book but it's a board book. My kids still read them. They ask why they're board books and not soft paper and I told them it's so babies can't eat books. They crack up!

    Stupid big man arms!

  4. I cannot wait for this movie!! It looks so awesome. Next to New Moon and Harry Potter, this is the movie I've been waiting for.

    And I LOVE Micha's expressions in those photos as he is coming down the slide. I wonder if he was thinking, 'Why is this guy standing there, taking pics of me?"

  5. It you haven't already read My Sisters Keeper it's a good one. Handle with Care is also pretty good. I love to read... Barbara Delinsky writes good, easy read, mindless type books... The Secret Between Us and While My Sister Sleeps are two of my favorites. Just Breath by Susan Wiggs is next on my list. Just some ideas for ya!

  6. Cute Micah pics! Josh has read the What is the What book and I should probably pick it up and read it too! AND, that Shades of Black book sounds sweet... need it.
    As for book suggestions, I just started reading Scared by Tom Davis... the first of a series of 3 novels. From what I have read and described to Josh of it, he says it sounds a lot like What is the What. :) So, maybe you would like it too! Its fiction. I mean its fiction based on factual information. :)

  7. I am reading What is the What right now! I am enjoying it immensely.Glad to hear someone else has recommended it!