Monday, May 25, 2009

Baby Girl - 5 Months and Counting...

BabySister update. And, if I may interject - I would love if we had a name I could call her on the blog, but we're waiting to choose her name (read= cannot agree on a name yet) just like we did with Micah. So, for now, she's still BabySister. Although, I'm thinking of changing that since I wanted to shorten it once and that was BS... and that doesn't work out well.

Anyway - on to the update - we have been on the wait list a total of 5 months. FIVE MONTHS. It has gone by fast and just lately I've started to realize that I better start imagining the reality of having a second babe, because it will be here before I know it (hopefully). I just keep thinking that it's SO FAR AWAY - it's hard for me to imagine it actually happening. And, for some perspective - Micah's adoption timeline total - from intro meeting at CHI to landing at the airport with him in our arms - was 8 months. EIGHT MONTHS.

How much longer? Well, my guess is that we'll get our referral in February, 2010. Kevin's guess is November, 2009. He's basing that on statistics - and that most families that are receiving infant referrals with CHI right now have been waiting around 11-12 months. I'm thinking I'm going to be closer, but we'll see.

Speaking of cute baby girls... here are a couple that Micah has been hanging out with lately...

Sweet Zoe. Micah is quite fond of Zoe. I know this because he doesn't try to push her down the entire time we're hanging out. Just every now and then.

And Sophie! Sophie comes to our house once a week, so Micah has had to learn to share his toys, his booster seat (she loves to sit in "Micah's seat"), his sippy cups and his snacks. He is not always gracious, but it's gotten better over the past 9 months. Sophie cracks me up all day - she narrates the day for me (she is almost three): "Micah is crying. Micah won't listen. Pedro is a boy. Micah has a binky. Pedro licked me. Micah's not sharing."

She has also taught Micah a very important lesson...

...ah yes, the JOY of jumping on the bed. Cute babes.


  1. All I can focus on is that your baby girls name is BS. That's just plain ole funny. :)

  2. Yay! A post from Stacie! I'm so happy I can hardly stand it!

    5 months. Oh, Stacie. I can't wait till that big day comes round the bend. By that time I should have skype. I'm just saying.


  3. Micah is quite the ladies man! Can't wait to hear the news about your little girl!

  4. Wow, it's been 5 months already? Amazing how time flies with the assistance of a 2 year old ;) I bet he's excited to bring his little BS home!

  5. 5 months?!? WOW. I think Kevin's timeframe might be right on...I bet it'll be Nov/Dec 2009. And that is right around the corner!! Yea!!!

  6. Names are so hard to agree on! I mean, they're going to be carrying that around with them for life.

    Five months down? I'm hoping the next few FLY by as well! I'm also hoping that you get to see her sweet face by Christmas!