Sunday, January 18, 2009

EKC Pictures, a Book, and a Favor

After I posted yesterday, I realized I have forgotten to post pictures from our EKC event last week. It was a great day - we had a lunch at our local Ethiopian restaurant and had more people than ever! The owner of the restaurant, Henok, also told us all that he and his family are adopting from Ethiopia! How amazing is that? Pretty amazing.

Another thing that was amazing was to see Micah & Mamush running around playing together. Here is one of the first pictures ever taken of these two boys together - at the House of Hope in Ethiopia...

And here they are now (with cute Noah) - all of them crazy toddler boys!!

This one is just cute - you can't see it, but Mamush is running after Micah here, or maybe Micah is running after Mamush...

In other exciting news... we received our copy of From Ashes to Africa by Josh & Amy Bottomly! I'm so excited to read it, although I'm saving it for later this week. I will be posting about it after I've read it, but I'm pretty sure it will be the best book ever. You should just go ahead and order yours now. (Micah is flipping through it as I type - he agrees that you should order it too.)

And finally, a favor. I have a friend who is a finalist in a wedding contest. She and her fiance could win a wedding - and I think they really deserve it. Their story is very cute - they met at their 10 year high school reunion and fell in love. If you want to help make their dream come true - go vote here. Click on "Vote" and then vote for Betsey & Scott - Couple #3! (My pageant-mom tendencies are coming out again - I really want them to win!! :)


  1. It's so cool that you have pictures of Micah with his HOH friends. There have been increased posts on some Yahoo groups that include pictures of Addis... we miss it so much and can't wait to go back.

  2. Really sweet kids... Thanks for the shout out even BEFORE you have read the book :).... and I voted for your friends!!!!! hope they wein!