Friday, January 30, 2009

Big Time Micah

Seriously, my child is growing up so fast. I know, it happens.

This week - he has peed on the big potty a total of 5 times. It's so crazy - he's not even two yet. Now, for you seasoned potty trainers who are jumping to tell me not to get too excited - I know. This could go away and it could be years before Micah is actually officially Potty Trained, capital P, capital T. But, it is still pretty exciting! (I even cried a bit the first time I saw him in action - weird, right?)

So, you want to know how it went down? The other night he was getting ready for a bath and came over to me (I was on the computer) and he, erm, grabbed his 'business'. So, I asked (completely kidding), "Do you have to go potty? Have dad take you." He grabbed dad's hand and off they went. I continued with my facebook addiction and they came back and both had huge grins. I didn't even believe Kevin when he told me that Micah had done it! So, we high fived and all that. The next night he was IN the bath and stood up, and again grabbed his business and said, "MOM." I asked if he had to go, he answered, "Yeh" and we went - and he went! He did the same thing the next night. Then, today he went twice after a shower.

The key here is that he's been naked each time. So, if we could just let him be naked all the time, maybe this would happen quickly. Too bad it's 20 degrees outside and poeple might think it strange if they see Micah running naked when they peer in our windows (our neighbors are nosy, really).

Okay, seriously, is that boring? I know I'll want to read about it someday, so, sorry to put you through that, but it's important. (Just as I'm sure Micah will find it important that I told the world about his first time peeing on the potty. At least I did not take pictures. Yet.)

And, pictures (of things other than Micah on the potty)...

Anyone remember Frog Towel? This is Micah's sultry look in Frog Towel.

Hanging out in the ol' Trailer Ride. Sweet.

This is what Mic does when you point a camera at him and say, "Cheese!" This is his cheese face. Yeah, it needs work. (But I do love this so much.)


  1. LOVE the cheese face too.

    Exciting. I cannot believe the potty stuff!

  2. I've actually heard that the best way to potty train kids quickly is to let them run around naked for a few days...apparently they don't like that warm feeling down their leg. But it's too cold. I've been wanting to just ditch the pull-ups (Mari actually LIKES the "cool" sensation that they add to make kids know when they've gone) and put her in her Elmo panties. We've done it once and she did NOT like the feeling of wet underwear. But I haven't had the patience (not to mention several stay-at-home days) to do the job properly.

    Wow, I'm longwinded tonight. Congrats to Big M. I think you already got over the biggest hurdle and that is him recognizing the urge and TELLING you.

  3. I've been wondering when a new post was coming! I've been missing your blog updates!!

    GREAT NEWS regarding the potty! Go MICAH!

    But seriously- as a first grade teacher and a potential mom of a son- WHAT'S UP WITH BOYS AND TOUCHING THEIR BUSINESS? I can't believe the amount of first graders that grab that particular section of their anatomy throughout the day. THROUGHOUT THE DAY.

    Might you have insight???


  4. I'm just loving the sultry frog-towel look. "Hello, ladies! Check out my frog towel." Too cute.

  5. Awesome! Keep encouraging never know, he might stick to it. Yay Micah!

  6. We got Ernie potty trained using the training undies- thick cloth undies. The funniest part was that even though he went pee on the potty, but REFUSED to go poop. Finally one night in the bath, he really had to go, hopped out of the tub, onto the potty, did his business and back into the tub. This happened a few nights in a row until he oould finally do it with out the aid of a warm bath! There's something about not only nakedness, but warm water . . .

  7. I love the "sultry" look! I think I've said it before, but the boy is definitely model material!

    Way to go Micah on the pottying! I'm sure you're getting lots of potty advice, but I have to share my experience with my boys - my first we did the whole pull-up thing and potty training took quite a while. He finally got it, but it was probably a couple months before he had no accidents. With my second, we went straight for undies right after he turned two and after 3 days he was totally potty trained. It was 3 days of me cleaning pee up off the floor (gross, I know, and luckily we have mostly hardwood), but I would take that anyday over dragging the process out. Good luck!

  8. Yay for the potty!!! And the cheese face is pretty awesome too!

  9. Oh Stacie, I love you. I love that you cried when Micah peed. I love it. LOL.

  10. Look at your little potty-training boy! That's pretty amazing stuff there. (Eli actually pottied in his little potty the other night - but it was a total accident. I mean, I sat him on his potty, but he sat there while I ran his bathwater. So, I think that was cheating. I was proud of him, nonetheless.)

    I think his cheese face is adorable. He has the nose scrunch and everything!

  11. Micah is so cute. I've been a lurker and finally started a blog about our adoption. I think we will be bringing home baby girls about the same time. I also wanted to thank you for the Ethiopian Orphan Relief Christmas shopping suggestion. I bought a super hero capes for my son and nephews.

  12. Way to go Micah! We let CT run around naked while potty training. Worked wonders. If he's showing interest then I'd jump on the opportunity.

  13. I'm sorry, but this is one of the BEST posts I have ever read. And, *I* nearly cried.

    I mean,... I almost always tear up when I read family blogs that express any feeling or detail (because parenting and adoption are AMAZING), but... I'm so proud of Micah!!! Good job, little man! Good job!!

    - Jennifer N.