Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holly Jolly

We are busy getting into the Christmas spirit around here. Today I hung stockings (which is hard to do because I get all funky with ribbons around the mantle) and Micah and I made cookies. Making cookies with Micah is my new favorite thing to do, because he makes me laugh.

I should explain that we didn't actually make cookies. We rolled break-n-bake style. Fancy, I know. Gourmet, really. So, here is how it went down... I broke out the cute shapes of the sugar cookies and placed them on the cookie sheet in front of Micah. I turned around (for .23 seconds) to grab the sprinkles to start our sprinkle-extravaganza. This is what I found when I turned back around...

After I almost peed myself from laughing so hard, I tried to explain to Micah that the cookies were not ready. We don't eat raw cookies. (Unless they are chocolate chip raw cookies. We do eat those. But only mommy.)

Then we started the sprinkling. I had purchased the fat sprinkles because Jill had tried the smaller sprinkles with Mari and learned that they do not come up off the floor easily. I suspected we would have some on the floor. The problem is that the large sprinkles don't stick to the break-n-bake cookies. So, we sprinkled the cookie sheet with sprinkles and Micah continued to try and pick up the raw snowmen and shove them into his mouth.

I figured it out in the end. I got the sprinkles to stick (with magic) and we had some yummy cookies.

Okay, so it would appear from Micah's face in that picture that the cookies are not, in fact, yummy. But they are. Trust me. I ate three. Or five. Maybe six.


  1. CUTE! I think I've eaten about 4 cookies for every 1 that Mari has had. Luckily, the bulk of ours are going to daycare on Friday (if there's any left!). Isn't it nuts that our kids are big enough to "help" with things like cookies? And I love the bite out of the snowman, Mari wasn't real sure what the chunks of dough were so she didn't try to eat them but a couple were a little goopy from her squishing them. YUM!

  2. That is so funny! I "try" to be super mom with the kids in the kitchen and it never really works. They just hold the sprinkles upside down for an extended period of time until I say, "ok guys, that's enough, mommy will finish them up for us, the oven is ready and waiting and we want to eat them soon - right?" That always works. They promptly go wash their sprinkly hands and watch me finish!

    I'm a crappy mom! :)

  3. I love that he was sneaky and took a bite! That is classic, I hope you saved that cookie to show kevin!

  4. Super cute! We got into the spirit today too. We made a gingerbread house. Love this time of year. :)

  5. Is that a new haircut I spy?? He looks fantastic. Well, he always does, but still.
    I cannot WAIT to make cookies w/ Sam next year!!

  6. LOL!!! Really, this one made me laugh out loud! :) Too cute! Ya'll are so funny!

  7. That first photo looks like something from a cartoon, with that perfect round bite :)