Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm Just Here for the Pictures...

I don't have a post in me, but I do have some pictures...

Micah is so very cool.

I have no explanation for this - it's just part of our daily life around here

Thanksgiving Dinner:

Enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner...

He really loved the cranberries..

and dessert...

And, we're out.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

And, just because I can't help myself... here is little Mic last year on Thanksgiving Day...



  1. Micah is totally working those glasses and that vacuum cleaner. And could he stop with the getting all older and stuff already.

  2. I love Micah's outfits. Wonderful. I feel the same about posting--have no inspiration for much except pictures. I should get on that.

  3. Abe is sitting here eating an apple as I look at blogs, and he started yelling 'nigh nigh' when he saw the pic of Micah laying on the floor. I'm so proud that Abe is getting into the blogging world too.

  4. What precious pictures! Love the last one, that's pretty much how I felt after eating all day on Thanksgiving.

  5. Holy geez I love the picture of him w/the vaccuum cleaner, but the fact that he's wearing a braves hat just makes me so, so proud. Kid's got good taste, what can you say?

  6. oh, how Micah's grown! looks like a wonderful time...he really enjoyed hmself, didn't he?

  7. I can't believe how much Micah has changed in a year! Goodbye chubby cheek baby, hello toddler stud!
    He is seriously cute!!!!!

  8. Your pictures of Micah always make me laugh...!! Too darn cute!