Monday, April 28, 2008

Ethiopian Kids Community

On Saturday we met up with some other families in the area who have, or are adopting from Ethiopia. We went to a local Children's Museum. It was a lot of fun, and of course I took 5 million pictures. I've put a few in a slideshow for you. :)

The first few are of a tunnel thing that Micah could not get enough of - this child has no fear - other babes shook their head at the tunnel, but Micah was all about it. The rest are mostly from a little area that is made specifically for toddlers. I am thinking about getting a membership because Micah had so much fun. It would be great for rainy days. Anyway - here is the show...

And, yes, I added all the goofy captions. I couldn't help myself. It would have been better if Lori had done them - I still laugh about the horse and the pacifier caption. :)

And, if you can't see the slideshow, you can go here and see the pictures.


  1. Those were some great pics! I am not going to lie...I want to eat Micah up. Maybe for breakfast. :)
    Loved the captions. :)

  2. Such cute pictures! I'm going to make myself learn how to do a slideshow like that. Very cool!

  3. I can't get the slideshow to work right :( I was hoping to hijack some photos....can I save them from there?

    Thank you so much for coming on Sunday....I am sorry I was CRAZY.... whew...that was a lot at once...I wish I would have gotten to visit more.

    I cant wait for this weekend!!!!! Springfield or Bust!!!!!

  4. I can't believe he diddn't get scared!

  5. Those captions are great--they actually tell a whole story, like how he's always looking for that shoe. Very funny.

  6. So, did he find his shoe:-) Love the pictures...I can't wait to have some to share this weekend of Pacey and Micah...awe, how sweet will that be:-)

  7. That looks like so much fun! Micah is so cute.