Thursday, April 3, 2008

Chocolate Cookies and Such

So I haven't been that great of a blogger lately - just posting pictures and hoping that will do. I'm a bit tired - I'm now a working mama. At least part-time. I work at a restaurant 3-4 nights a week (preferably 3!). It's an awesome restaurant - the chef is amazing (and very nice!) so I'm happy to be there, but it leaves me a bit tired.

Today I took Micah to his first swim class. He is such a little fish! He LOVES the water and is a splasher. I was laughing because no one wanted to stand right next to us - those who dared to do so were splashed mercilessly. He puts his face in the water whenever he can and loves "jumping" in from the side. I am so happy that he's loving it (I am a former swimmer, swim team coach and swim lessons teacher).

Micah is going through one of those stages where he learns A LOT! It is so amazing to watch - I think seeing him learn new things is one of my favorite things about parenthood. Since I've been bad and haven't written him his birthday letters lately - here are some fun things he's doing lately:
*Pulling up - on everything! The couch, me, the dog - whatever. He really loves to pull up on the windowsill in his room.
*Stairs - he has started to climb the stairs and has gotten up to the fourth one without falling back. (Don't worry - I'm always there to catch him!)
*Walking - no, he's not walking, but he has started to take steps behind his walkers (which is good because we have 1,000 of them from friends and he got a few for Christmas). It is the CUTEST thing in the world to watch his little baby steps.
*Talking - no words yet (unless you count DAH! for Dad, which I do) but he is really figuring out inflections. I'm pretty sure my name is BAH (which also works for bottle) and he will call it out when he is looking for me.
*Playing - just in the past two weeks Micah has really figured out that it is fun to play. He will play by himself for a long period of time now - rather than me having to hold him or sit with him all the time. I think it's good that he is finding his independence.
*Napping - Ok, this one is a bit (lot) sad for mom - he is going down to one nap. (SAY IT ISN'T SO!) He still wants a morning nap, but then fights the afternoon nap, so I've started to keep him up longer in the morning and now he is taking a 2 1/2 hour nap after lunch. (This is another reason for the lack of blogging. :)

Ok - there is your Mic update. By the way - that's Mic like Mic Jagger - not like Mike. Just thought I'd clear that up.

And, as you know, I think posts are boring without pictures so here is Micah with a cookie - it is one of those Paul Newman chocolate cookies. He would NOT let it go and it was dribbling all over his face. I should warn you - these pictures aren't pretty, but they are pretty funny. :)

One last thing - I just bought this book today - Beautiful Things that Heaven Bears. The author is an Ethiopian immigrant to the United States. I just started it tonight and really like it so far. Also - I just finished Kaffir Boy - an autobiography of a boy growing up in South Africa during apartheid. Amazing! I highly recommend it.


  1. He is getting so big isn't he:-) I can't wait to meet that sweet boy in just 4 weeks!! YAY!!! I love these is so great to hear about how much the babies we love are growing!!

  2. Great information Stacie, thanks for sharing. How long did you wait before you returned to work? Your restaurant sounds fantastic!

  3. what a big boy he's becoming! I think that's awesome that he is playing on his own.
    Cute cookie pictures!

  4. I think the cookie picture is hilarious.Yucky!!

  5. I keep thinking about putting Silas in swim lessons.. I just haven't actually signed him up yet. Silas and I would stand next to you guys in the water for lessons. Silas would probably splash Micah right back. :) Micah looks cute as ever with the cookie... Silas still has yet to be introduced to chocolate. I am afraid of his in afraid he will love it and ONLY want chocolate from now on.

  6. Great post. I'm with you on being a bad blogger latley....I go in and out of blogging moods..So NO WORRIES!!!

    So happy to hear all the learning is going well..he seems like smart smart smart boy!

    I can't belive you are back at work..your crazy :-)...You seem like the type that likes to be busy all the time though...AM I WRONG?

  7. Thanks for sharing the update! I bet it's tiring doing the waitress gig while also adjusting to a new nap schedule.

    I'm currently on page 40 of The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears. Someone else had mentioned it on their blog a bit ago and I ordered it right away. I'm really enjoying it so far. What do you think?

    Also- I love the new featured picture of Micah on the side of your blog. He is so darn photogenic!!!

  8. Oh, thanks for the book recommendation, and I LOVE that your link sends us to Powells! Awesome! Have you been to the "city of books" in Portland?

  9. you know, there's control in the chocolate chaos. never once does it seem to leave his body (I checked, it's not on the dust-bunny-free floors.)