Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy 11 Months!

Dear Micah,

Today you are 11 months old. You are getting so big - I can hardly believe it! You are learning more each day and it is so much fun for your Dad & I to watch.

Here are some of the fun things you are doing at 11 months...
*You are almost crawling! You get around really well with rolling - you can roll about 5 times in a row - really fast! And, when you want to move forward, you army crawl with your front arms and your right leg. Your left leg is still dragging behind, but you'll get there!
*We have to watch you very closely because you are so fast at getting around. And, you are kind of a stinker and like to get into things. You think that cords are for eating, and we keep telling you NO, but you still want to try them out. We've had to hide all the cords! You also really, really want to follow me into the laundry room - which is not baby-proofed. You roll superfast when I go in there to do the laundry - we usually end up doing the laundry together with you in my arms. (Did I mention that you're getting very big and heavy?) Here you are in mid-roll...

*You have gotten your two top teeth in the past month. Your right top is half-way in and the left one is just now breaking through. You do NOT like teething. At. All.
*Your favorite books are My Little Miracle and now Goodnight Moon. You smile every time I read them and then, when I'm finished, you yell and bang the book for more until I start again. You have no problems sitting still for books.
*Your favorite toys are your Fridge Farm, your music table and your mini Radio Flyer Wagon. You also really like spoons. Here you are opening your Fridge Farm on Christmas morning - you were pretty shocked and excited...

*Your new favorite food is spaghetti. You love it. It makes you smile... (and look - you can see your three teeth!)

*You say three kind-of words: Hi, Dad and Wow. Wow is especially cute- you say it when you see something that is super-cool.
*You have a new trick: SO BIG! You like to show everyone your trick - especially if you are in your high chair and everyone is watching. You really think it's great if they all clap for you. You also play "Where's Micah" with your blanket - you put it in front of your face and wait for us to ask, "Where's Micah?" and then you pull your blanket down and giggle. Your are the cutest ever.
*You still get up once a night and you prefer to have a bottle before you go back to sleep. Mommy is tired, but you are also very sweet in the middle of the night when you have your bottle. I will miss that sweet time, but I think we should start working on sleeping through the night very soon. What do you think?

We are both very excited for your first birthday next month, but we also can't believe how fast you are growing up. That's pretty much why I'm writing you these letters each month. I don't want to forget this time - because it is flying by! I guess no matter how big you get though, you'll always be our little Bean-Ball. We love you!


  1. Aw. I love these letter to Micah, so presh! I wrote Malak his first letter this morning...Aw!! :)

  2. These letters are so so sweet...what a neat gift they will be for when he is older.
    It's great to follow all of his milestones...can't believe he's been in your arms almost 6 months!