Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good News This Week

You know what is fun about adopting? (Well, besides the obvious of having a baby - that is a given :) I love getting excited all over again when good news comes in from other families. I remember my excitement on referral day, passing court, and traveling, so it is so much fun for me to see other families experience the same. This is especially true during a week like this when there has been some sad news for some families. My heart breaks with the sad news too.

Here's some good news from this week - Eric & Tara got their referral for little Malak! Yay! The Mager family made it through court - finally after a long journey (I think their dossier went to Ethiopia not long after ours). I'm so happy for them! You can go see their sweet baby boy. This family also made it through court (on the third or fourth try I believe). You can also go see their sweet boy! After a long journey herself, Jocelyn made it through court last Friday (I'm late, I know) and is now sweet little Pacey's mamma. Yay!

So, there are my shout-outs. I'm so happy for these families. I hope I didn't forget anyone. I'm also currently stalking 2 blogs for referrals (both from our area EKC), so hopefully more good news will come in soon.


  1. Thanks for sharing the "good" news! I checked them all out HOW exciting and seriel (sp?). Horrray for all of them!