Thursday, January 11, 2007

We have a social worker

The first phase of this adoption has really taken shape this week. Today I spoke with our social worker for the first time. Her name is Erin and I was really impressed with her. She answered a lot of questions that will really help Stacie and I progress to the next step. Erin informed me that she mailed out the "Home study Packet" and we should receive it by Saturday. This packet will contain all the information we need in order to start the actual home study. Examples of stuff we will be working on over the next couple of weeks are; financial statements, references, physician letters, copies of legal documents, fingerprinting, passports, etc.

While we are still in the earliest of stages, speaking with the social worker for the first time felt like a huge step in the right direction. We will post again when we have something new to report.

Talk to you soon,


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