Wednesday, January 10, 2007

We've been accepted! Now What?

Just to keep everyone updated~ we received a call today from our wonderful program coordinator at our agency, Sharon. She let us know that our initial application had been accepted and we would be hearing soon from our social worker. She also let us know that they are still waiting to hear about their licensing approval from Ethiopia. Hopefully they will hear in the next few days.

Now What? Well, now begins the arduous paperwork and the home study. Our social worker will let us know what we need to get started on, but we know that we need to get our fingerprints done, get copies of birth and marriage certificates, letters of recommendation, letters from our physician, proof of life and health insurance, and more. (I’m only naming what I can remember off the top of my head!)

We are both excited to have gotten word on being accepted because now we can really get started on the paperwork. We’ve cleaned out the baby’s room (formerly known as the office), and have been nesting around the house (I’ve decided you nest early with adoption), so we’re ready to get busy with the official stuff. We'll post again when we hear from our social worker.


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