Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How Old is She? And Other (Somewhat) Solved Mysteries

I have been having a hard time with the "How old is she?" question that strangers invariably ask us. I would generally give them a blank stare and then stammer, "Um... 6 months? 7?" I often received strange looks after that very confident *snort* answer.

Sweet Lia Makbe. Her referral papers said her birthday is 8.07, which would make her almost a year old. Uh, non. We had to work with the doctor to pick a new birth-date, and friends, that is not easy. I had (still have) anxiety about it - what if we pick wrong? Will she hate her birthday and blame us? Is it too close to Christmas? Ack!

In the end, we went with the doctor's advice and have chosen January 7th, 2010 for Lia's birthday. (It is also Ethiopian Christmas, so that's fun.) That makes her about 6.5 months old. She may be older, but maybe not. I mean, this was one of her referral pictures, taken in February 2010 after being in care for about a month -

Lia's Mini-Me picture. "You complete me."

She looks pretty tiny to me - and I know Ethiopian babies are tiny, but even her features look pretty new - she has changed so much! Let's do an After shot, shall we?

The only way I know it's the same baby is her cute little nose. And please, note the rolls. OH I LOVE HER ROLLS!!

So, that mystery is solved. Mystery #2 - Naps. How to get my sweet baby girl to nap? I think I've figured a bit of that out - I have to hold off the morning catnaps. This means actually leaving the house. She is so alert while we are out that she will only fall asleep if truly exhausted. So, we've been on a few field trips this week to try and change her schedule around.

Naps were not a problem in Ethiopia

Formula. Dear Lawsie. This is a tough one. We've finally ended up at soy, but I'm still not convinced she needs to be on soy formula. And, apparently there is an issue with the safety of soy products now (according to my very smart sister :).... So, yeah. It's still mostly an unsolved mystery. I'm thinking of trying one more thing, but we'll see.

In other news, Micah is just in love with Lia. He is settling in (FINALLY) and I am settling in to being a mom of two. Oh, but that's a whole other post! In the meantime, here's a cute shot from the airport. Lia is sporting a welcome-home gift from her Momo (her cutie, but non-matching headband) and I am sporting the "I just flew on a plane FOREVAH" look along with my ergo apron. Fancy, yes?

P.S. Micah wore that same outfit when he got off the plane in the same airport. Cute.


  1. Oh my goodness! Her rolls are SO CUTE! She looks really little in that referral picture. I think you have made a great decision. We had to change our daughters birthday significantly...you will be glad it was done when she is little instead of when she is 5 (now 6) and sassy
    : )

  2. Yeah, I find myself in that fancy Ergo apron a lot. Glad to hear that you figured out a birthdate. We're pretty sure that our daughter's birthday is off too, but we think it is just a couple of months so we decided to leave it. It's great that your pediatrician could help you with that.

  3. I was told by one of the families I traveled with that a chiropractor can take x-rays of a baby's bones and come in with a very good estimate on the baby's age. Very reliable, usually within days.

  4. She has grown so very much- truly incredible. Stacie, I think you're awesome. Well, beyond awesome really. I can't wait to sit down with you one day and really and truly clink our glasses together. That will be a good, good day....

  5. She has changed so much. Birthdates are hard. We are certainly lucky to know Noah's with certainty but Zo's is another story. She was found and the police estimated her age at 1 month--when we visited the hospital, they showed us the picture they took when she was brought in and I'd bet good money that she was maybe a day old--all that straight black newborn hair--tiny as could be. But we like her birthday where it is now--early November as opposed to the middle of december. It's hard. So happy the doc worked with you to help you pick a date. Love that it'll be on Ethiopian Christmas. Want to meet her soon!

  6. She looks FANTASTIC!! Love her rolls, I think her birthday is perfect and I agree....wee babe in that first picture not several months old. :) We still need to catch up. Love that Micah is so in love with his little sis. :)

  7. She is so beautiful. We need to update your header to include the whole family :)
    And that birthday guestimate looks about right from her photo.