Monday, January 25, 2010

Waiting Waiting Waiting

Yeah, we're waiting for the call around here. We're getting antsy. And angsty. We just passed 13 months of waiting last week. I'd love it if we didn't make it to 14, but odds are that we will. But, you never know.

Anyway, in the downtime of our waiting, Micah and I have been talking a lot about baby girl. Here's how it went down tonight during lotion/jammie time:

Mom: So, what do you think we should name your baby sister?
Mic: BOB.
Mom: Really? Bob is kind of a boy's name. I mean Bobbie is a girl's name, so we could call her Bobbie - would that work?
Mic: NO. BOB.
Mom: Hmm... What about (insert girl's name)?
Mic: Unh! NO. BOB.
(Repeat last two lines seven times)
Mom: Okay then. But I wouldn't get too attached to Bob. It probably will not be Bob.
Mic: Yes, Mom, yes.

Later... in baby sister's room...

Mom: So, soon your baby sister will be asleep in here and we'll have to be quiet. Do you think you can do that?
Mic: *thinks with his finger on his mouth* Yes.
Mom: And, she's going to want to play with you and you can show her cool stuff. Won't that be fun?
Mom: And you can share your toys with her...
Mic: *silence*
Mom: Do you think you'll share your toys with her?
Mic: No. No. *shaking head*

Yeah, so we have a lot to learn about baby sisters and sharing. :) But, Micah is extremely excited about baby sister. He calls her "baaabeee" and refers to her room (which is NOT finished - or even started) as "baabeee's." He has also informed me that he is getting on a plane with us to go for baby. Uh... *gulp* How do I explain to this child that he is not going?

So, that's what we're up to around here. Waiting. Jumping when the phone rings. Buying girl shoes. That sort of thing.

And as always, pictures...

Oh - and a big shout out of Congratulations to the Bottomlys on their referral!! Yay!


  1. Dang. I thought when I saw a post from you that it would be THE post for baby girl! It'll be soon. Right?

    Cute stories about Micah. He is hilarious :)

  2. Oh, it has got to be SO close for you now!!! Super exciting!! And no pics of the baby girl shoes?!?! Cuz I am LOVING buying the baby girl shoes.....:)

  3. Wow, it's bloggin' night!

    The converstations are adorable!

    Be still my heart - whatta Handsome fireman!!

    And, I wanna see pics of the shoes, too. fun!

    Come on referral!

  4. oh Thanks for the shout out! We are anxious for you guys to see YOUR girl!!! I was looking at swimsuits today for little baby girls... OH MY! There is this ruffle multi color suit at baby gap. Its so cute! I mean who are we kidding, everything little girl is SO CUTE!

    MIcah is hilarious. What I didn't post in the online snippit of Silas talking (or me making Silas talk) about his sister was my first question which was "Silas, are we going to see a picture of Olive today?" He said "NO! No Olive" (while shaking his head no)

    Cute big brothers!

  5. This is adorable! I'm with you on the phone thing, my heart races every time the phone rings... come on referrals! :-)

  6. I've got to admit that watching a baby girl roll around in adorable baby shoes while her mother calls out "BOB, come here honey BOB!" would be a pretty cute site. Micah might be on to something :)

  7. I hope you see Bob's face soon. :)

  8. Bob....So cute!!!! out of the mouths of babes....

    can't wait for your call!!!

  9. That is so cute!! We have name discussions over here too. We hope to keep our son's Ethiopian name but we will choose between 3 names if we don't keep his name as his first name...

    I want one name
    My husband wants one name
    and the kids want another

    I think I should get to pick, I did all the paperwork! :0)

  10. He's adorable! I think you should veto his name suggestion though no matter how cute he is!!!