Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Remember This...

I don't want to forget all of the amazing and hilarious and adorable things Micah does. I want them branded into my memory. I want to capture each moment and store them away.

Micah, I don't want to forget...

The way you sing along with me to bedtime songs. We read books then turn out the light and sing. When I sing Jack Johnson's "Jungle Gym," you wait until the part that goes, "Shalalalala" and you sing along in the sweetest voice I've ever heard. When you want to hear that song you say, "Mom? Shalala?"

The way you think your dad is a hero. You think he is everyone - Jack Johnson, Albert Pujols, Barack Obama, Spiderman. We watched the All-Star Homerun Derby the other day and you said, "Go Dad! Go!"

Your inability to keep your clothes on. Child, you are a naked baby and it makes me giggle when you tear off your diaper (or big-boy undies) and run down the hallway screaming with laughter.

Your ability to connect with people. You say "HI!" to everyone you see. You wave to cars as they pass by the house. You greet everyone with a big smile and they can't help but smile back.

Your inquisitiveness. Your favorite new game is to walk around the room, touch things and ask, "What's that, Mom?" I answer "table" or "wall" and you move on, "What's that, Mom?"

Your air guitar. If you hear a guitar song you will instantly start playing air guitar - your version consists of your little fist hitting your hip to the rhythm of the song.

Buses & Trains. You love them. If we see a bus drive by you will yell, "MOM! BUS!" until I see it too and acknowledge the bus. If a bus is next to us at a stoplight you will say, "Bye bus!" after the light turns green. Trains - you call them woo-woos. You sometimes wake up in the morning saying, "Mom, woo-woo?" which means you want to go to see the woo-woo at the zoo. You talk me into it quite a bit.

And, these things... I don't want to forget these moments with you....


  1. Such a sweet post!! I need to do something like this because I am HORRIBLE at scrapbookng these days and I have to write all these cute things down before I forget them! You have inspired me!

  2. So sweet! I've been jotting down little notes on a pad to blog about, all these little cute things and I'm not sure when I'll ever get it done. Love that you wrote it like a note to Micah! woo-woo

  3. Aw Stacie, this is so sweet. Your guy is so lovely. As long as Blogger stays around , you will have a record. (:

  4. That was precious!! Keep those memories close...always!

  5. How did I miss this? So sweet, inspiring me to do a copycat post.