Sunday, April 19, 2009

Springtime - in pictures

Mom's too tired for a real post... so here is our life in pictures from the past month... (by Micah)

I went to Noah's birthday party and got to drink pink lemonade and play with balloons

I danced at Papa & Grandma K's house

I ate Newman-O's

I saw Aunt Danielle looking comfortable...

So I attacked her!

We hung out with Habi. He's cool.

I looked for Easter eggs in my awesome Easter-morning outfit.

Mom got excited about the dogwood getting ready to bloom.

I played with my slide in the yard and wondered why my mom wouldn't stop taking pictures.

I tried to make a basket.

I rode the train at the zoo and loved it.

I watched the giraffes with Habi.

And finally,

I leaned over the fence at the zoo just enough to fall INTO the giraffe enclosure! Good thing there is another barrier of rocks (and that my mom is quick like a ninja and grabbed me).

Springtime = Funtime


  1. Okay, I know you hear this all the time, but he has the most soulful, beautiful eyes!
    I got a giggle out of falling into the giraffe enclosure.

  2. I'm so glad your mom is quick like a ninja. : )

  3. fun times for Micah! Some of the ledges at zoos make me so nervous... especially the ledges overlooking water animals, like seals. NIce reflexes Stacie!

  4. !!! Giraffe enclosure? Yikes. Nice Ninja save. He is crazy cute, and he and Habi together is too much cuteness for one photo.

  5. It's a good thing you have cat-like speed and reflexes.
    I am laughing at two things...
    1. Falling into the giraffe enclosure.
    2. The awesome Easter morning outfit. (beacause Malak's was equaly as "awesome")

  6. Micah is so cute! I love his Easter outfit! I also loved that he was trying to hang out with the giraffes :) Boys are fun.

  7. Cute pictures! Micah is always having a blast! I know you LOVE Twilight. Have you read The Host (Meyer)? I just started and seriously can't concentrate on anything else!

  8. He is just adorable, and I cannot believe he fell IN! Thank goodness he didn't get hurt! Man.

  9. Yay ninja-like mommy! I'm just happy it was the giraffe enclosure and not something dangerous like the prairie dogs!!!

  10. He's so tall! He is adorable! I loved the green boots! And I'm glad to hear your ninja moves saved the day!